Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Digital Multimedia II Project Proposal

 DIGITAL MULTIMEDIA II Course Project Proposal

     This semester-long project with be modeling an enclosed environment for demo and portfolio purposes. It serve as a visual sample of a “Communication Farm”, a town turned into a giant surveillance and communication hub to an off world colony. Aesthetically it will show off a combination of original science fiction designs with existing design languages of mountainous Eastern-European architecture and natural landscape.

     The mood will be solace-serine, late winter/early spring. Lighting conditions will be close to optimal to really show off the assets modeled for the demo. The style will be as close to realism as I can achieve from a beginner level, while using a mixture of medium and high polygon modeling techniques with fully textured and bump-mapped surfaces to increase this attempt at a realistic, immersive slice of this world I am creating for my story “Star Gazer”.

     Four check-points for this project will be at the beginning of each month, and will consist of the following:

      1. February 1st: All drawing and concept drawing for architecture and other design assets to be modeled completed.
      2. March 1st: All modeling for architecture completed.
      3. April 1st: A first draft of the landscape with architectural elements placed in (including background matte painting dome).
      4. May 1st: All elements and placements finalized, with textures and bump maps laid in. Lighting and renders finalized.
        BONUS: Render through Unity for a walk-through presentation.

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