Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hello World: New Beginnings

The path of the artist is a bitch. Bitch, in the English language, is a female dog. They are mothers to new pups and ideas that they protect and craft to add to the world. So yes, my journey and craft is the hardest, but best bitch around. I have found many purposes to give my passion and tenacity over my academic career, and so far not many have stuck.

I feel back at ground zero, where I know destruction and creation meet. That's my ground zero. So with destruction and failure have breed many liters in the past year, I think I can say I found opportunity in my runt. I pushed aside many avenues of digital art in favor of traditional and analog mediums, to only feel a little empty and missing of foundation. Thomas Asmuth, a long time ago, gave me opportunity and spirit to pursue the digital realm. I didn't totally take it. It wasn't time then, but now it is. 

Oat's Studios has shown me the power and necessity of 3D, and just how fulfilling it is to create worlds in beautiful cyberspace. I think I needed calm conquest of 2D and it's children before I could come back to fulfill this missing fundamental of me. Neill Blomkamp and company's shorts have inspired me of a conquest that I want to be a part of, that gives me security of a path and community that I would love to be a part of. My biggest fear is to be without skills vital to my career and passion, so here we go. At ground zero, with plenty of tools to get my bitch back up stronger than ever.

To paraphrase the legendary Stan Winston, "We as artist must evolve and change with the times, and this evolution is exciting".

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